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Well, this goes back a few years, like to 1992.  The internet was quickly becoming a familar term, although many people really knew nothing about it.   I was having trouble finding an ISP that I liked, so I had this idea that I'd build a business around being an ISP.  I thought that I would create the perfect roadmap in my MBA program that I was working on.

Actually, my MBA program did help, but only in deciding that being a good ISP was a lot of work.  It was more than I could do particularly at that time with our first child on the way.  However, along the way I registered my domain (Ken's Net).  I setup a Debian Linux computer system (silverado) to provide me with a mail gateway via UUCP.  This served me very well for many years.  Then some friends started using Red Hat Linux, so I setup a second system (hurricane).   This seemed to work well, so I retired silverado.

(Story to be updated.)

Since I had a network in my house, I decided to use vehicle names as my computer naming scheme.  The names that have been used:

  • silverado - my truck (retired)
  • bonneville - my car, then Deena's (retired)
  • hurricane - my first real motorcycle (Linux system, mail server, etc...)
  • shadow - Deena's motorcycle (Web server)
  • bmwk75s - my current motorcycle (my Win98 system - retired)
  • mamadee - Deena's given name by nieces (Deena's laptop)
  • bambini - what we call the kids (it's their computer) 
  • viper - current server running Fedora
  • mustang - desktop run Vista 64-bit
  • corvette - laptop dual boot Fedora 8/Win XP pro

Okay, so not all of them followed the scheme.

The logo's at the bottom of this page are just some of the technologies used to support this website.

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